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The acclaimed bridge builder is back!

Streamers and Viewers join forces to build stronger bridges than ever before, with our unique Twitch Extension!



Let your Viewers build with you in real-time!

Viewers get a Panel Extension which is a simplified version of the game, with which they can modify your existing design or start one from scratch.

Once a Viewer is happy with their bridge design, they can submit it directly to you in-game and it will appear in your list of Suggestions.

Load a Viewer's Suggestion to simulate their bridge design and see if it will hold up triumphantly or fail hilariously!

Customize your Extension Experience

To make sure you can tailor the Extension experience to suit your audience we have implemented a number of customizations.

  • Enable Auto Play for Twitch Plays events
  • Set a Cool-down Timer to manage your audience
  • Mute Viewers
  • Enable Moderator Mode


10% OFF

with orders of $45 or more

Offer available while supplies lasts.

Bits Enabled

Bits allow you to monetize your Stream in a completely new way!

Bits can be Optional, any Viewer can submit a Suggestion but if they choose to use Bits it will appear in a priority queue with a symbol to make it easier for you to find.

Or, Bits can be Mandatory, Viewers must use Bits in order to send a Suggestion to you.


10% OFF

with orders of $45 or more

Offer available while supplies lasts.


Help your favorite Streamers build bridges directly from Twitch!

Use the Panel Extension to build bridges, using a simplified version of the game directly from the Twitch page!

Once you're happy with your design, submit it directly to the Streamer in-game as a Suggestion.

Streamer Loads your Suggestion and simulates it

Once the Streamer receives your Suggestion it goes into a queue and they can load the design and simulate it.

Help your Streamer complete the challenges in the game and achieve the ultimate status of Master Bridge Builder